About Kimberly

Hi, I’m Kimberly.

Interior designer, founder and owner of Exceptional Interior Design.  If you love home design and home entertaining then you’ll feel right at home here.  I’ve always had a passion for interior design, home entertaining and creating that perfect atmosphere for special events.  I’ve decorated homes and planned weddings, parties and intimate events for friends, clients and charitable organizations.

After my family’s home was struck by lightning and completely destroyed by fire, I began to document the process of rebuilding and decorating our new home. Though saddened and overwhelmed by the experience of starting over in life… I found it therapeutic to journal what to replace, what to do differently, and what to add, if possible. Exceptional Interior Design was born out of a need to create a beautiful home on a budget. What naturally followed was capturing home ideas, décor tips, inspiration and do-it yourself projects to improve a home’s comfort, functionality and style. Exceptional Interior Design will appeal to those who are practical, have discerning tastes, yet still have a budget to contend with.

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10 years later… Exceptional Interior Design specializes in creating beautiful homes on a budget. It’s my outlet to share everything that inspires me… and hopefully inspire you as well. 

Collaborating and helping others to elevate their entertaining and home design style is something I really enjoy. On my website you will find design solutions and services that prevent costly decorating errors. Services include Project Management, 3D design concepts, Color ConsultationFurniture assembly and Art & Accessory installation. Partnering with me is the most efficient and economical way to decorate. I start with a budget, generate several ideas and then develop those ideas into 3D design concepts. Presenting designs in a lifelike visualization of the end project before furnishings are purchased is of great value. Smart design is good planning and simply knowing what you’re getting before you make a financial investment. Providing design concepts that capture function, comfort and style, always produce timeless elegance and satisfaction. Over the years I’ve learned to begin with the end in mind. Because of that, I encourage everyone to “Practice Safe Design… and Design With a Concept!

Meet My Family

I’m married to an Electrical Engineer, Eric Jones, whose acts of love towards our family never cease to amaze me. Very seldom do I say no to him… or say no to his finger lickin’ BBQ ribs. We reside in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with our two girls, Priscilla and Erica. Priscilla and Erica’s biggest complaint about me… “Mom, we have too much food with nutritional value in our house... where are the snacks?” My response… SMH


As for my home, my environment is functional, comfortable, and stylish. Most often, music is playing in my home. Music gives me a way out, relaxes my soul, and helps me refocus and unwind. My home is laid back and has a contemporary vibe with a little dash of tradition.


I don't need much to unwind. Just good music and thoughts of things that I'm thankful for. Nothing beats having an intimate dinner, with growth provoking conversation amongst family and friends around a beautifully decorated table. Just letting the day go by as we share funny, serious, and educational life experiences. Spending quality time with loving and kind people in a safe, relaxing, and aesthetically pleasing environment always makes my heart smile.


My interests include family, healthy living, theatrical plays, comedy, interactive educational games, and motorcycling. I thrive on getting things done and struggle a little with obtaining perfection. I constantly have to remind myself to “Strive for Progress and NOT Perfection”. 


When it’s time to escape, get away from it all and recharge… I put my Beats on and ride my Harley.


If you like interior design, home ideas, décor tips, real life inspiration and do-it yourself projects,

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